The Author

An interesting character, a fact substantiated from whence he came to the present. A native of Guyana, his adolescent exposure deviated from the typical teenager experiences. Gifted and positioned to take advantage of an opportunity, he excelled musically, which allowed travel and the assets of greater perspectives culturally. He migrating to the United States of America as a young adult, and either by design or destiny, delved into the health care profession. A career path taken by both parents; he slowly but steadfastly followed their footsteps. His academic accomplishments show characteristics of ambition and drive. His academic ascension lists an Associates in Applied Science degree in Nursing, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and currently holds a master’s in health administration. A firm proponent of reaching for the stars is the ultimate long-term goal for this author. A person who stumbles, falls but persistently struggles to rise again, he has finally found that safe space to express himself through literature. Always passionate about writing, only those close to him were privileged to share in this experience. Always the quiet character in the loudest forum with the most to say, yet patient for the most opportune moment to divulge. He now has the patience, time and quiet to explore the mind and communicate with the world of bibliophiles. The father of three children, two boys and a girl, his choice of the genre of young adults was appealing as he dueled the challenges of adulthood while being the father of children that traversed this stage of development. He sees the need to be proactive rather than react to the problems the young adult faces. It is the hope of this writer that the reader absorbs and benefits from the message he tries to convey in this book. Children learn what they live, but learning can also be obtained through reversed roles.